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Business Principles:
  • To save the client money, and more importantly.... TIME!
  • To create a trusting relationship with our clients through personalized services, taking pride in our dedication, communication, and quality of work.
  • Planning and attention to detail insures that clients know what they are getting and how much it will cost.
  • To create a custom designed project, tailored to fit the client's personal, functional, aesthetic, and budget requirements. To be sensitive to our clients' program requirements, environmental conditions, and individual needs.
  • To do the bulk of our work on computers for greater speed, accuracy and visual presentation, but occaisionally the old-fashioned hand sketch when necessary.
  • To deliver to the client, to the best of our ability, 100% of what we promise, on time.
Corporate Principles:
  • We believe in people: they are resourceful, creative, sensitive, innovative, and efficient.
  • We reserve the right to make mistakes, and then fix them.
  • To believe in education, encourage job training, and promote open communication.
  • To ensure that we have a working knowledge of new construction technologies, as well as traditional construction methods.
  • To manage wisely: Incur no debt; don't grow faster than we have the ability to manage. Manage with goals, manage our resources wisely.
Why use OneStopDesign, Inc.?
  • The OneStop design/build process.
  • By beginning and ending with the same company you save time and money.
  • International input in the Design Process, In-house drawings and quality control.
  • Advanced experience with governmental approval processes, including presentations for Architectural Review Boards, Planning Commissions, and City Councils.
  • We are fully experienced in the Permit application process, and can expedite your application processing substantially.
  • You are involved, and updated in the process, daily through our management system.
  • You are integrated with the project team and design/build process through our web based management system.
  • We stay current on building codes and handicapped accessibility regulations.
  • We are current on all "Green" building technologies.
  • We provide full computer aided design (CAD) and drafting capabilities.

OUR MISSION: Is to continue to combine the several technologies related to the Design/Build Field into a quicker reacting, more customer sensitive, venue, aimed at removing the mystery (and Misery) involved in concluding a successful project.

Our further goal, is to bring the advantages of "virtual officing" and data basing systems to other Firms that are seeking a better more efficient way to service their clients, and organize their working environment.

We continue our ongoing partnership with Parkmatic, LLC.  More and more designs are parking driven.  We can provide parking solutions for a fraction of what a conventional parking garage or area costs.  We can also refit existing structures in most cases, to add capacity.   If you have design issues with parking, we cure parking problems. OSD is now the Distributor for the West Coast to the Rockies..

For more information, Please call us at 510-794-7993, or please click on the Banner above to go to the main Parkmatic site.